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"Big kids like to lead little kids, and little kids like to follow big kids." - Al Davis, CEO

The heart and soul of our organization is our counselors. We only select those of the highest moral character, dedication, and passion for youth development to serve as counselors at camp. If you think you're up to the challenge then fill out our counselor application below. Once completing the application, please also register for camp here.

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Our organization has three purposes: 1. To create an environment in which youth are invested in making a positive impact within a changing society. 2. To guide youth to develop a respect for life and an understanding of the world in which they live. 3. To encourage learning, leadership, and a positive self-image so youth are empowered to make choices for a positive future. Select one of these purpose statements and give an example of how your Cabins4Kids experience (as a camper, a 101'er, or as a counselor) has successfully accomplished that purpose. **If this is your first year at Cabins4Kids - tell us how you heard about us and why you want to join our community as a counselor.
We require each of our counselors to cover the cost of at least one camper. You can do this through a personal donation or through fundraising means. Can you commit to funding a camper this year?
By submitting this application I understand that I may not be selected to be a counselor. I also understand that if I am selected I am expected to fulfill my camper-funding commitment as well as assist in additional fundraising efforts on behalf of Cabins4Kids. By neglecting to fulfill my responsibilities and commitments I acknowledge that I forfeit my opportunity to attend camp as a counselor or be a part of any or all future Cabins4Kids events.