Counselors are the heart behind the program. As positive role models, they have the unique opportunity to connect with their campers and create the ultimate camp experience. Our counselors began in our program as campers, and frequently reflect on the lifelong impact their own counselors had on them. They strive to continue sharing the joy of camp with each new generation of campers.

The transition of camper to counselor is facilitated through our Leadership 101 program, created by the founders of Cabins4Kids. We believe that leadership is kinesthetic: the youth learn by doing. Through the Leadership 101 program, teens learn how to plan, organize, and implement while discovering their strengths in a camp environment.

Cabins4Kids was established as an answer to a question dreaded by many kids, a question always discussed on the first day of school: what did you do this summer? Teachers often encourage students to share stories of adventures they had over the summer, but what about those students who had no adventures? What about those students who can not afford adventures?

Cabins4Kids provides these students with the opportunity to tell a story.