All of our meals are spent as a community. We eat our nutritional meals together in the dining hall providing counselors, and campers alike time to grow closer as individual groups and as a community. The food is served buffet style and always includes an entree, side dishes, fruits and vegetables, as well as dessert at dinner. In the event a hot breakfast isn’t an interest to our campers, there is always plenty of cereal to go around. We do our best to be respectful of any food allergies our campers may have and facilitate meals that meet our campers’ needs.

Daily Activities

Camp groups are organized by age group and each group consists of both male and female campers. Each group has at least one male counselor and one female counselor. Campers travel to their activities in their small groups with their counselors. The activities include environmental stream studies, rifle shooting, archery, canoeing, horse back riding,  leadership and community building activities, and swimming. Swimming is the only activity that does not occur in the small groups, but it is spent as another community time with the whole camp at once. Crafts, chalk, and music are offered as alternatives to the pool during swim time.


Each night we engage in a fun activity as a community before our campfire that ranges from guest speakers and presentations to our famous Water Games! Campfire is a time to come together and enjoy songs that have been sung for decades, but also to learn and create new songs just for us. This is a time for campers to be loud and silly but it is always ended on a quiet note as they prepare to make their way to their cabins to get a full night’s rest before the following day’s adventures.

Campers sleep in cabins with their counselors and usually one other group. Cabins are organized by gender as well as group. There are three to five counselors per cabin. Boys’ cabins and girls’ cabins are on either side of the camp ground and separated by the bathrooms. There is also an adult cabin on either side within ear shot of all of the campers’ cabins. We also provide a nurse at camp for any emergencies and to administer any medications campers may have throughout their time with us.