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Camp is for youth ages 7 - 12. Campers are placed into coed groups of similar age for the duration of their time at camp. These groups are lead by our counselors (16+) who have participated in our Leadership 101 camp. Leadership 101 prepares youth to be successful and engaging camp counselors. If your camper is 13+ then Leadership 101 or Wilderness4Kids is what they should register for. Both Leadership 101 and Wilderness4Kids are conducted during the same time as our camp. 

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I hereby release Rock Springs 4-H Center, and the Cabins4Kids Organization, officers and employees, from all claims, demands, and causes of action of any kind, including claims of negligence, which may arise from participation of my minor child in any Cabins4Kids sponsored activity, and this release is specifically granted in consideration of the services, programs and activities, including activities that involve horses, provided by the Rock Springs 4-H Center and being allowed to participate.
As a participant in Cabins4Kids events, you have the responsibility of representing Cabins4Kids to the public. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that will bring honor to you, your family, and Cabins4Kids. To do that you must: 1) Attend all sessions in the planned program. If you are unable to attend please tell the adult in charge. 2) Follow hours and room rules established before the event begins and you are responsible to know the rules for each event. 3) Dress appropriately for each event. The adults in charge should have guidelines to help you. 4) Be responsible to know and use language and manners appropriate for Cabins4Kids. 5) Be in the assigned program area (for example: dorms, cabins, motels, etc.) at all times. 6) Know that the use of tobacco, alcohol and nonprescribed drugs is illegal and prohibited at Cabins4Kids events. 7) Model respect for other persons, facilities and vehicles. You will be personally responsible for any damage caused as a result of your behavior. 8) Help other members in your group have a pleasant experience by making every attempt to include all participants in activities. 9) Know that harassment of any type is illegal and prohibited at all Cabins4Kids events. 10) By typing the camper's name below I, and my camper, acknowledge that we have read the Cabins4Kids Youth Code of Conduct and agree to live up to the expectations. We realize that the failure to do so could result in loss of privileges during the event and/or in the future.